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Journey Through the Jewel Heartland of Agadir

by nizar ennabil on July 30, 2023

The region of Agadir, a treasure trove of Berber jewellery, brims with artistry and craftsmanship. Among the vibrant locales of Taroudant, Tiznit, and Immouzer, you find creations that are pure in form and rich in heritage. Many pieces are meticulously forged from silver or bronze, featuring geometric designs and occasional floral motifs. Often, gems and enamel give way to colourful glass beads and wax.


Photo de mostafa elbaz sur Unsplash


Nestled at the junction of the Souss Valley and the High Atlas Mountains, Taroudant, lovingly called the 'Little Marrakech', offers a splendid snapshot of southern Morocco. It played a pivotal role in Morocco's history as the first capital of the Saadian dynasty in the 16th century and a haven for rebel princes. Today, Taroudant's reputation for Berber jewellery and other artisanal crafts attracts numerous visitors from Agadir.

Wandering the medina's narrow alleys, you'll find jewellers working on copper and silver. Their forges buzz with activity as they deftly handle anvils and crucibles of different sizes. They employ a technique called 'niello' with such precision on incredibly thin laminated plates, often showcasing cabochons in a reddish wine lees glass paste.


In Tiznit, you will notice the unique elegance of the Chtouka fibulas. Cast in sand and re-engraved, they boast motifs that mirror the crosses of the Egyptian Copts.


At 1,250 meters above sea level and perched at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, the small white houses of Immouzer overlook a magnificent palm grove. This city serves as the 'capital' for a confederation of Berber tribes, the Ida Outanane. The remarkable technique of these tribes sees a blend of green and yellow encircled enamels, niello, and carving. Over time, they have shifted from using enamel, which has a higher melting point than silver, to coloured waxes.

The Agadir region, its cities, and its artisans offer a vibrant journey through Morocco's cultural heritage. Every piece of jewellery carries the tales of its maker, making it not just an adornment, but a piece of history. It's these stories and skills that we at Tuyya honour and bring to you through our collection.

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