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Tuyya - moroccan-amazigh-berber-clay-mug-set
Tuyya - moroccan-amazigh-berber-clay-mug
Tuyya - moroccan-amazigh-berber-clay-mug-set-of-two
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Moroccan Amazigh Berber Traditional Clay Mug Set (2 Mugs) - Handmade


Experience an authentic touch of Moroccan culture with our traditional Amazigh Berber Clay Mug set. This pair of mugs is not just an embodiment of artistry but also a vessel that brings out the essence of what you drink. Handcrafted by dedicated artisans in southern Morocco, these mugs have a unique charm that makes water look enticingly different and enriched.

But what sets Moroccan pottery apart? It's called "Tamegroute", and it's considered among the finest in Morocco. And while these mugs are visually enticing, they're also functional. Clay mugs are celebrated for their ability to make water cooler and to keep it alive with their porous nature. However, using clay mugs comes with its instructions. Before using for the first time, it's recommended to soak them in water for a few hours. Always remember to hand wash only.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Authentic Moroccan Clay
  • Design: Traditional Amazigh Berber
  • Set: 2 Mugs
  • Origin: Handmade in Southern Morocco
  • Care: Hand wash only


  • What is Moroccan pottery called? It's known as "Tamegroute", a distinctive type of pottery from Morocco.
  • What is the best pottery in Morocco? Tamegroute pottery, traditionally from the south, is highly regarded.
  • How do you make a clay cup? Clay cups are crafted by molding wet clay and then firing it at high temperatures.
  • What is a clay cup? A clay cup or mug is a vessel made from natural clay, usually used for drinking.
  • What is the disadvantage of using clay cups? They can be brittle and may break if dropped.
  • Can I drink with an air dry clay cup? No, only kiln-fired clay mugs are safe for drinking.
  • How long does a clay cup last? With proper care, it can last many years.
  • Why is it better to use a clay cup instead of a plastic cup? Clay is eco-friendly, enhances taste, and lacks the chemicals found in plastics.
  • What are the benefits of drinking from a clay cup? Drinking from a clay cup offers a natural flavor, coolness, and lacks harmful chemicals.
  • How do you use a clay cup for the first time? It's recommended to soak a new clay cup in water for a few hours before the first use.
  • Is it safe to drink water in clay bottle? Yes, as long as the clay is treated and properly fired.
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